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Little Library (Guyana) Inc. Goes to LETHEM.

Dear friends of the Little Library, I would like to share with you all how we were able to establish Little Library spaces in 3 schools, and deliver books to one school in Lethem in three and a half days.

With feedback of the need for books as an additional resource by our dear friend Paul Dhandari who visited Lethem in December 2022, my co director Ferial Khan and I sprung into action .

We knew that we needed to help make books accessible to the children of Lethem. Along with our dedicated team of Little Library friends we sorted and packed books to be shipped specifically for Lethem.

Dedicated ,devoted Ferial Khan and myself arrived in Guyana in May 2023. A few days later we flew to Lethem. We met our resident taxi driver Mr. T , who after he warmed up to us , proved to be invaluable to the insurmountable task ahead of us. After the initial panic that our books had not arrived in Lethem, the generous and kind Mr. Komal Singh ensured that our books were delivered the same day.

The next few days were spent in helping to prep the spaces dedicated for Little Libraries.

We drove back and forth between schools, hardware stores, ensuring that our team of painters Mohan and Johnny, and our bookshelf maker Mr. Timothy were on schedule.

Bless his heart Mr. T ensured that we stopped for lunch breaks.

Three and a half days later with the help of the teachers, students, parents, volunteers, custodians , and painters, we completed our project in four schools.

On our fourth day thanks to Mr. T, Ferial got to see what her heartdesired: Moco Moco Falls and I got see the majestic kunuku mountains.

We left Lethem happy that we were able to bring smiles of joy to the children's faces , knowing that these books will make a difference their life.

We will be back to Lethem as there are still 51 more schools that needs more books.

Thank you to all the beautiful, warm and and generous people of such a beautiful region.

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