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Congratulations to all for Grand finale of the Little Library summer program 2022 success

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Grand finale of the Little Library summer program 2022 where children completed the 6 weeks program which was filled with learning and games. Thanks to all who contributed to the event.

The children took home certificates of completion of the 6 weeks program filled with learning,fun games. Visits by many guests to the Little Library as well as online guest speakers.

Huge debt of gratitude to our sponsors of the summer program: Paul Shivraj, Sammy, Peter Persaud, khemlallman and the Diamond cricket team of South Florida, Kristen Persaud, Sophia Dolphin, Shaneza Thomas and Lisa Lawrie.
SPECIAL thank you to Natasha Baksh, Reha Singh, Kamlo and many other volunteers. Your dedication and hard work to the betterment of the kids in the community is truly an inspiration.

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